Prismata Release

About a year ago, I reviewed a game called Prismata. It was quite rightly pointed out to me that my review mostly consisted of talking about StarCraft. Woops. I also promised to reblog that review when the game actually released to remind you all to go play it (seriously, a year later, it is still… Continue reading Prismata Release


Prismata Review

A few month's ago I reviewed a game by David Sirlin called Codex. It is an attempt to convert a real-time strategy game, like StarCraft, into a card game. And it actually does a really good job (see the post for details). I'll try to not talk about StarCraft very long, because the words will… Continue reading Prismata Review

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PC Game Hidden Gems and Some That Aren’t

I had trouble coming up with a succinct title for this post. I wanted to go through some underrated games and some highly rated games that weren't very good, because it's been awhile since I've done any sort of game review post. Tactical RPG's Underrated: Massive Chalice Massive Chalice has a similar combat system to… Continue reading PC Game Hidden Gems and Some That Aren’t