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Maybe Infinite Jest is About Addiction

And so but I've been re-reading Infinite Jest in this strange, almost purely subconscious way, where I take on just a few pages (seriously, like 2-3 pages) every night right before sleeping. I've done the calculations, and so you don't have to tell me it will literally take years to finish it this way. I'm… Continue reading Maybe Infinite Jest is About Addiction

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The Passion Narrative as Presented in Mark and Luke

Since I already cracked open this door and was not punished by a flood of angry comments, I guess I'll throw the door wide open and see what happens. This is one of my favorite non-math topics to read about, but I've always had a policy of keeping my posts as non-controversial as possible. I… Continue reading The Passion Narrative as Presented in Mark and Luke

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Table some issues

Now that I'm done with undergrad, I've decided to throw out there some of the things I've attempted to have answered, but people always seemed to beat around the bush. Maybe my readers (which I've calculated to be somewhere between three and five readers) can help. 1. Setting: Sophomore year: Eastern religions. My prof is… Continue reading Table some issues