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On Barthes’s “Introduction to the Structural Analysis of Narratives”

I feel I may have been a little unfair in choosing "From Work to Text" last post. In the same collection of essays, Image - Music - Text, is a much better introduction to what Barthes is known for: (post-)structuralism. Recall that structuralism began back in the very early 1900's (maybe even very late 1800's)… Continue reading On Barthes’s “Introduction to the Structural Analysis of Narratives”


Minor Preparation to Get the Most out of Infinite Jest

I've been reading the biography of David Foster Wallace, Every Love Story is a Ghost Story by D.T. Max, and it reminded me that for years I've been meaning to do a blog post on some of the preparation you can do to have a much better experience reading Infinite Jest. First, I'm not doing… Continue reading Minor Preparation to Get the Most out of Infinite Jest

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Room 237 and Some Post-Modern Problems

I think everyone involved in academia should see Room 237 but for some strange reasons. The movie is a fascinating look at some people who, to put it mildly, are obsessed with Stanley Kubrick's movie The Shining. They've developed all sorts of theories about hidden messages in the film. Is it secretly a metaphor for… Continue reading Room 237 and Some Post-Modern Problems

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Synecdoche, NY

I never thought the day would come where The Fountain would have a rival for greatest work of art produced in my lifetime. Charlie Kaufman has done it with Synecdoche, New York. I don't want to say too much except, "Go see it now!" In an attempt to not give anything away, but to talk… Continue reading Synecdoche, NY


The House of Mirth

I lied to you again. It turns out that Gravity's Rainbow has been delayed by a week. I started looking up influences and references in it, and it turns out I have a lot of reading to do before starting the novel. Second, the book club I joined meets this Sat, and I haven't even… Continue reading The House of Mirth