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Surviving Upper Division Math

It's that time of the year. Classes are starting up. You're nervous and excited to be taking some of your first "real" math classes called things like "Abstract Algebra" or "Real Anaylsis" or "Topology." It goes well for the first few weeks as the professor reviews some stuff and gets everyone on the same page.… Continue reading Surviving Upper Division Math

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Thoughts on Nicholson Baker’s Case Against Algebra II

The debate over standards in high school math has been going on for a very long time, but things seemed to come to a pretty nasty head last year when the New York Times ran the article Is Algebra Necessary? Bloggers and educators were outraged on both sides and started throwing mud. In the most… Continue reading Thoughts on Nicholson Baker’s Case Against Algebra II

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Multiplication is Repeated Addition

I'll return to the planned series after this one side post. Keith Devlin at Devlin's Angle has written many times about how multiplication is not repeated addition and how he thinks it is a detriment to teach children this falsehood. I strongly suggest going and reading all of his articles before reading this. He makes… Continue reading Multiplication is Repeated Addition

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An Avant-Garde Movement for Math

This idea has been tossing around in my head recently, since I've been reading the book The Last Avant-Garde: The Making of the New York School of Poets. I know I've done the art/math comparison before. I think I've even done the math education/art education comparison before. But I want to re-cap it and go… Continue reading An Avant-Garde Movement for Math