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Best Games of 2018

I'm not the biggest gamer. I've gone through Go and chess phases. The longest was Go. I even competed in the Collegiate Go League on the University of Washington team. Most competitive games have the same problems for casual players: losing skill isn't fun. But maintaining skill isn't fun either, because it involves spending inordinate… Continue reading Best Games of 2018


Lessons in the Fundamentals of Writing, Part 3

As I continue to read poorly edited (I'm not referring to typos) KU books, I continue to find fundamental problems to talk about. Here's one that will probably be obvious to many people when I point it out, but it would never jump out in a self-editing session to them. Here's a real example: Maria… Continue reading Lessons in the Fundamentals of Writing, Part 3

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Critical Postmodern Readings, Part 2: Finishing Lyotard

Last time we looked at the introduction to Lyotard's The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge. That introduction already contained much of what gets fleshed out in the rest of the short book, so I'm going to mostly summarize stuff until we hit anything that requires serious critical thought. The first chapter goes into how computers… Continue reading Critical Postmodern Readings, Part 2: Finishing Lyotard

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On Google’s AlphaGo

I thought I'd get away from critiques and reviews and serious stuff like that for a week and talk about a cool (or scary) development in AI research. I won't talk about the details, so don't get scared off yet. This will be more of a high level history of what happened. Many of my… Continue reading On Google’s AlphaGo


Prismata Review

A few month's ago I reviewed a game by David Sirlin called Codex. It is an attempt to convert a real-time strategy game, like StarCraft, into a card game. And it actually does a really good job (see the post for details). I'll try to not talk about StarCraft very long, because the words will… Continue reading Prismata Review

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A Critique of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

I recently got around to playing Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. It's one of those games I picked up forever ago, and it just sat around. I got it because it has to be one of the most critically acclaimed games I've ever seen. Giant Bomb and many, many other gaming sites gave it a 5/5 or… Continue reading A Critique of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons