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Bullet Journal: Becoming Intentional

I do something called Bullet Journaling. I've done it for several years as a way to stay organized. If you look this up and you've never heard of it before, you'll probably be overwhelmed by how complicated it is. But it only looks that way. Once you do it for a few months, you start… Continue reading Bullet Journal: Becoming Intentional

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Year of Mysteries, Part 9: The Name of the Rose

I'm honestly a bit shocked at how resistant I've been to this book the whole year. I knew it would be "hard," so I kept putting it off. But I love Infinite Jest and Gravity's Rainbow and a bunch of hard books. This book has a reputation it doesn't deserve. I didn't think it was… Continue reading Year of Mysteries, Part 9: The Name of the Rose

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Let’s Get Experimental

I've been thinking a lot about what to do on this blog. I'm not thrilled about "book reviews," not that I do those often, because there are a million reviews out there for every single book. No matter how good mine are, they won't add much to that noise. I'm also not thrilled with the… Continue reading Let’s Get Experimental

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Are the Self-Publishing Gurus Out of Touch?

Let me start by saying that I appreciate all the free content people in the self-publishing world put out. It's quite generous and high quality. There must be ten or more hours of podcasts each week that come to my phone, not to mention blog posts and youtube and e-mails. That's just me, meaning it's… Continue reading Are the Self-Publishing Gurus Out of Touch?

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Year of Mysteries, Part 8: The Last Place

Woops. I just realized the title of this series changed from "Year of Mystery Novels" to "Year of Mysteries" at Part 5. Sorry. I try to keep this consistent for searching purposes. The main point of this series was to examine the mystery novel genre. There are people that read a few a week. There's… Continue reading Year of Mysteries, Part 8: The Last Place

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Less is Awesome

I'm abandoning the embarrassment of having a " awesome" set of posts. If I find awesome stuff, I want to share it. Less is a novel by Andrew Sean Greer, and it won the Pulitzer Prize this year. I've been steering clear of prizewinners over the past few years, because the politics of who wins… Continue reading Less is Awesome

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The Character/Caricature Balance

One of the most important things we can do as writers is to acknowledge our weaknesses and then work on them. I think too often we get comfortable with "our thing" and then try to hide our weaknesses by going all in on our strength. I've spent an enormous amount of time over the past… Continue reading The Character/Caricature Balance