Ward Specter of the Spheres
The world ends each blood moon.

But a faction of priestesses sacrifice themselves to keep it going. What happens when Aceline wants more for her life and decides not to do it?

Wallace has chased his dream of becoming a poet for a lifetime. It leads him toward a mysterious aurora.

Robert just wanted to connect with other humans in a world dictated by screens, algorithms, and addiction.

These three become linked across worlds, and each must uphold their end of a quest to prevent catastrophe at the hands of a tyrant in a land full of necromancy.

This new work of slipstream fantasy will be loved by fans of Dan Simmons, Scarlett Thomas, and Clive Barker.


Ward Whispers Out of Time
Time is crumbling.

Can humanity survive the breakdown of the chronon, time’s smallest unit?

These four stories explore the lives of people in remarkable circumstances:

A music student hears an alien music, and it begins to change him.

A translator is harassed after publishing a codex of letters from a man who witnessed the conversion of Paul.

A doctor must diagnose a mysterious disease that seems to come from an ancient folktale.

  • For hard sci-fi and speculative fiction readers, this is a collection of new stories from up and coming author Matthew Ward.


Ward Talamir
Something is watching all of Talamir…

And it’s not a person.

Would you feel trapped if you lived in a thirty-mile-wide, inescapable crater? What if a creature flowed underground, expanding, and continually draining the life from you?

The people of Talamir have lived this way for two thousand years, and no one knows it.

But Drystn has the Talent. He can perform magic by moving spior between focal points. The government drafts him into a secret group for this impossible fight.

The magic system that created the world may end up destroying it.

If you love other world fantasy and thrilling adventures, you’ll love Talamir.

Ward Sifting Out the Hearts of Men
It’s the fastest growing religion in the world.

Do you know how it started?

The setting is idyllic Moreau Lake in upstate New York, and Peter is dying. An angel appears to him. Now he has to deliver a message to the world before it’s too late.

Can he discern reality from hallucination as he accidentally starts a new religion?

If you like Wild Wild Country and Going Clear you’ll love Sifting Out the Hearts of Men.