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Surviving Upper Division Math

It's that time of the year. Classes are starting up. You're nervous and excited to be taking some of your first "real" math classes called things like "Abstract Algebra" or "Real Anaylsis" or "Topology." It goes well for the first few weeks as the professor reviews some stuff and gets everyone on the same page.… Continue reading Surviving Upper Division Math

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An Application of p-adic Volume to Minimal Models

Today I'll sketch a proof of Ito that birational smooth minimal models have all of their Hodge numbers exactly the same. It uses the $latex {p}&fg=000000$-adic integration from last time plus one piece of heavy machinery. First, the piece of heavy machinery: If $latex {X, Y}&fg=000000$ are finite type schemes over the ring of integers… Continue reading An Application of p-adic Volume to Minimal Models