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Draw Luck in Card Games, Part 2

A few weeks ago I talked about draw luck in card games. I thought I'd go a little further today with the actual math behind some core concepts when you play a card game where you build your own deck to use. The same idea works for computing probabilities in poker, so you don't need… Continue reading Draw Luck in Card Games, Part 2

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Basic Game Programming Part 3 Here's an experiment to try purely in C++ (or the language of your choice). Print any character you want on a blank terminal screen at a specific location (say 10 characters over and on the 4th line). This is a crucial idea in game programming, because even something as simple as using the arrow… Continue reading Basic Game Programming Part 3

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Theseus: a 7DRL 2015 Completed!

Final Stats: One week. About 90 hand drawn 64x64 pixel tiles. Over 2000 lines of code. A completed one-hp strategy roguelike. Proof that it can be beaten happened during my stream where I tested for bugs (quality isn't the best): Actually, I think I've finally gotten it balanced so that you should be able… Continue reading Theseus: a 7DRL 2015 Completed!