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Basic Game Programming Part 3 Here's an experiment to try purely in C++ (or the language of your choice). Print any character you want on a blank terminal screen at a specific location (say 10 characters over and on the 4th line). This is a crucial idea in game programming, because even something as simple as using the arrow… Continue reading Basic Game Programming Part 3

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Theseus: a 7DRL 2015 Completed!

Final Stats: One week. About 90 hand drawn 64x64 pixel tiles. Over 2000 lines of code. A completed one-hp strategy roguelike. Proof that it can be beaten happened during my stream where I tested for bugs (quality isn't the best): Actually, I think I've finally gotten it balanced so that you should be able… Continue reading Theseus: a 7DRL 2015 Completed!