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Become a Patron!

I've come to a crossroads recently. I write a blog post every week. It takes time. The last one was close to 2,000 words and required reading a book. For the past three years I've been writing full time, and so blogging can be a burden that cuts into this with no monetary rewards. This… Continue reading Become a Patron!

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What is an Expert?

I'll tread carefully here, because we live in a strange time of questioning the motives and knowledge of experts to bolster every bizarre conspiracy theory under the sun. No one trusts any information anymore. It's not even clear if trusting/doubting expert opinion is anti/hyper-intellectual. But that isn't the subject of today's topic. I listen to… Continue reading What is an Expert?

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On Switching to Colemak

There's this thing many people will probably go their whole lives and never know about. A ton of alternative keyboard layouts exist other than the default "QWERTY" (named for the letters along the top row of the keyboard). There is a subculture obsessed with this. The two most common ones are Dvorak and Colemak. Last… Continue reading On Switching to Colemak

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Should Roguelikes be Winnable?

A topic that I've been thinking about recently has to do with balancing roguelikes. If you haven't heard the term balance before, it basically refers to making a game fair through adjusting values: enemy health, enemy strength, items you find, your health, your strength, and so on. For a normal RPG, you balance a game… Continue reading Should Roguelikes be Winnable?

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Basic Game Programming Part 3 Here's an experiment to try purely in C++ (or the language of your choice). Print any character you want on a blank terminal screen at a specific location (say 10 characters over and on the 4th line). This is a crucial idea in game programming, because even something as simple as using the arrow… Continue reading Basic Game Programming Part 3

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Basic Game Programming Part 2

So here's a video of the finished product for today. If you haven't read the last post, you should do that and try the exercises. Better yet, watch the finished product and try to create it without reading the excercises: We'll go through all the changes I made, but we'll start with the most… Continue reading Basic Game Programming Part 2