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What is an Expert?

I'll tread carefully here, because we live in a strange time of questioning the motives and knowledge of experts to bolster every bizarre conspiracy theory under the sun. No one trusts any information anymore. It's not even clear if trusting/doubting expert opinion is anti/hyper-intellectual. But that isn't the subject of today's topic. I listen to… Continue reading What is an Expert?

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Basic Game Programming Part 3 Here's an experiment to try purely in C++ (or the language of your choice). Print any character you want on a blank terminal screen at a specific location (say 10 characters over and on the 4th line). This is a crucial idea in game programming, because even something as simple as using the arrow… Continue reading Basic Game Programming Part 3

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Lossless Compression by Example Part 2: Huffman Coding

Last time we looked at some reasons why lossy compression is considered bad for music, and we looked at one possible quick and dirty way to compress. This time we'll introduce the concept of lossless compression. I'll first point out that even if this seems like a paradoxical notion, everyone already believes it can be… Continue reading Lossless Compression by Example Part 2: Huffman Coding