Vote for Trump?

I tend to stay away from political posts (I think I’ve done around 5 in my last 800). I have some family members who have caught Trump fever, and when I ask them why they want to vote for him, the arguments confuse me a great deal. I know I’ll probably get death threats and whatnot for this, but here goes: the top five responses I hear when asking why someone should vote for Trump and why they make no sense to me.

Don’t misinterpret this post and say, “At least he’s better than Hilary.” I’m not trying to make a pro-Hilary or anti-Trump post. I’m merely pointing out that I haven’t heard a pro-Trump argument that makes sense to me (I was mostly asking these question in primary season when people presumably saw Trump as an actual good choice rather than a lesser of two evils choice).

1. He’s a great businessman, so he’ll be able to whip a stalled government into a well-oiled machine.

I understand this is the persona he plays, but I’m confused why people take his word for this. Aren’t Trump supporters the ones who say you can’t believe anything a politician says? If we apply this to Trump, we find that all signs point to the opposite.

Here’s a list of businesses started by or run by Trump that have gone under: Trump Vodka, Trump Casino, Trump Airlines, Trump Steaks,, Trump Mortgage, Trump Magazine, Trump University, Trump Ice (i.e. water), Trump on the Ocean, The Trump Network, Trumped! (talk radio show), and Trump New Media to name a few. There are others. Google it.

I get it. Starting a business is hard. Some of these go way back. You can defend a few of these failures using that logic. No one is perfect in their early years. The greatest business people all have embarrassments in their past.

But this only goes so far. At some point you have to look at the record and say: wow, that’s the track record of someone who has no idea what they’re doing. Bad luck alone does not produce that many business failures. Despite what he says, all the evidence points to the fact that he isn’t a very good businessman.

2. He’ll bring people together to get work done in Congress.

Did you just laugh a little? Are you incredulous that people have said this to me with a straight face? Well, they have. Again, I understand this is a talking point, but let’s look past that to the real world evidence.

Trump is so bad at bringing people together that he can’t even bring his own party together. Look at the never Trump movement. He’s so divisive that there’s talk of the RNC stealing the nomination from him. Look at Paul Ryan’s comments. Is that the type of rhetoric we’d expect to see from someone who can unite? He might be the most divisive person I’ve ever seen run for office. How is he going to bring Democrats and Republicans together if he can’t even bring Republicans together?

3. He’ll build a wall.

Let’s tackle the obvious before moving on to the wall. He’s running for the most powerful position in the world. He’s not running for project manager for building a wall, so this argument alone is not a good one for why you want him to be president. Sadly, once I’ve pointed out the flaws of the first two reasons, this is the one that inevitably comes out.

The wall itself is also a problem. The Washington Post estimated the cost to be about $25 billion. That cost will fall to us when Mexico refuses to pay for it (I’m starting to see how those earlier businesses might have failed: build something expecting someone else to pay, they don’t, file for bankruptcy, repeat).

According to people who actually know about border patrol, securing the border is not as easy as building a wall. There are many ways such a project could actually make it harder to secure the border. But if this is still high priority for you, I’ll admit this reason could play a minor, partial role in a pro-Trump argument.

4. He’s politically incorrect.

Look at my previous posts. I’m as aware of the dangers of hyper-PC culture as anyone. I’ll first push back against the idea that Trump cares about this issue. For the most part, it looks like he just doesn’t have a filter. He says whatever nonsense pops into his head no matter how offensive, racist, or sexist it may be. Then when someone calls him on it, he uses political correctness as a cover.

But let’s grant that he says these things to intentionally dismantle political correctness. The real problem isn’t whether any given individual is PC. It is the growing culture of political correctness stifling honest debate and research and art that is the problem. I don’t see how having a president that says politically incorrect things will do anything but stoke the fire of the PC crowd.

5. He’s self-funding and hence not beholden to big money donors.

Well, this is yet to be seen. It looks like he might turn on the RNC fundraising machine once he has the nomination. But even if he doesn’t, his current “self-funding” is super weird. He is loaning his money to his campaign rather than donating. It looks more like a giant money-making scam than self-funding (for example, if he uses individual donations to pay himself back with interest, he’ll have made money by preying on the hopes of susceptible Americans!).

In any case, this one may turn out to be true, but since it is something we can’t know at this point, I wouldn’t consider it a good reason to be pro-Trump right now.

Let me reiterate, this was not meant to be a case against Trump. If I were to try to do that, I’d focus on his destructive immigration policies, his thoughtless trade policies, the fact that he appears to be lying about the five things people most like about him, and his dangerous ignorance about anything important relating to the job and seeming unwillingness to learn about it. But those are for another post (which I probably won’t write).


4 thoughts on “Vote for Trump?

  1. No worries about the Trump card. He is in the race to get Hillary elected. My guess is if Hilary is not in jail for the inappropriate website she will become madam president. Trump will spew his hate all the way to the bank. Don’t forget he has small hands, Really! Dennis

  2. He’s possibly, (who knows what his self interest will actually dictate?) a foreign policy isolationist, less likely to invest the U.S in endless wars? O.T.O.H, if push came to shove with Putin, would his overweening ego allow him to back down?
    By way of warning, we elected a very similar, flamboyant, wheezy, self-promoting millionaire to our Senate in Australia, on a similar platform of disrupting the status quo. He used that position to curry favour toward his corporate interests & attempted to blackmail his Chinese creditors Bankrolling his personal political ambition led to the bankruptcy of one of his key enterprises, which resulted in hundreds of redundancies in his own home state! In a sector already struggling post resources boom.
    So many similarities. Don’t be fooled, it’s def all about Trump!
    Best the GOP can probably do is make him an offer he can’t refuse?

  3. Trump’s campaign starkly shows the remarkable convergence between left and right in the Americal political scene on a number of issues, of which one is PC.

    Another is the importance of neoncon warmonger MIC.

    Another is support to Islamic Jihad by elements of the U. S. administration; for example, close connection of Bush family to Saudis, or Clintons whitewashing Kosovo Jihadis as freedom fighters and bombing Serbs.

    The list goes on and on. The main interesting pattern is the convergence of left and right, and this shows how fake and made-up the whole political scene is, with the sole purpose of fooling people and manufacturing opinion.

    And if the pack of liars inhabiting both parties get enraged about one man, then it must be good to support him.

  4. George S, I hope you can spot the flaw in your argument. Even in the case where your assertions about left and right wing politicians were correct (and if so, they shall be applicable to everybody which is not endorsing Trump), you can not vote for somebody only because you’re happy about him nagging “the bad people”.

    One could be somehow happy about this situation, because it brings out the hypocrisy of several politicians, but this doesn’t prove anything about Trump being fit to be president. I think it’s very important to realize this, as it already led to very bad mistakes in the history of democracy. Let’s not make it happen again.

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