7DRL Dev Log Day 3

Yesterday I got through the hardest coding section of the game. I separated out the zone logic into it’s own class, so I could make repeat calls and chain together the zones to make a large labyrinth.

I also implemented experience points, level up, more of the GUI, and fixed many of the bugs I had from day one like spawining in an instant death situation, enemies occupying the same square, and a permanent stun effect.

Also, there is an annoying bug where the game crashes if I put sound in it on some machines (maybe it is just Windows 7?). I may end up not doing sound and music to be safe.

Most of these changes were under the hood, so it doesn’t look much different right now:


Today I got hung up on a few technicalities with C#. I guess I should have practiced some basics more before this week to avoid wasting time. Apparently, when you iterate through a list, you can only read the objects you iterate over (you can’t set them to new values). This caused lots of confusion for a bit while I tried to work out what was wrong.

I had a pretty good day. I realized lots of stuff was hard to see/read with the fancy vector swept background. I’m not sure I like what I’ve switched to, but it is certainly better from a readability standpoint, and makes the various sprites pop a lot more:


Other than that, I did a lot of art again. I added some items and a new weapon. This meant drawing the various places the item could be, and then redoing the main character sprite with the new weapon in its various positions. The weapon has a pretty cool mechanic attached: it is a damage multiplier, so super over-powered, but it is heavy, so it costs a turn to turn around while holding it. This drawback may make it too risky to be worth it putting in an interesting choice.

I also completed a new enemy, a dragon. It is the best thing I’ve ever made with pixel art (I only started learning a few weeks ago):


I animated him by just bobbing up and down and breathing fire so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the intricacies of moving the wings. It’s coming together and finally feels like a real game.


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