7DRL Dev Log Day 1

Today the 7DRL began (for me at least)!

I got through everything I wanted to with time to spare. I mostly built the art today and got some stuff displayed. I settled on a 960×545 window (unchangeable, because I don’t want to deal with scaling at the moment) with each segment of the maze being a 40×20 grid of 64×64 tiles. Once you leave a segment, the previous part will change.

Today I drew the title screen, a “lose” screen, a “win” screen, the background, 3 wall tiles, 3 floor tiles, a fire elemental enemy, a raven enemy, and some of the GUI (health, weapon, and item get displayed).

Here’s two screen shots:



Both of the enemy types are fully animated, but the fire could use some work later if there is time. I’ve implemented movement patterns for the two enemies, and trigger win/lose conditions if you clear the area (not the real win condition, just testing!) or die.

Overall, this was a wildly successful day, but all of the hard coding is ahead of me, not to mention, I’ve only thought of one weapon and one item so far.


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