Correlation Does not Imply Causation

I’ve never done this before in six years and well over 400 posts. I’m going to direct your attention to a webpage rather than write a post. As they say, “A picture is worth 1000 words,” so consider this a 1000 word post:

The full page is here.

This is exactly why it is so dangerous to conclude a relationship from statistically significant correlations. Even phenomena with direct known causal relationships tend not to have 0.99 correlation. Peruse the rest of that webpage at your own risk. It is quite addicting (who knew that so many people died from getting tangled in their bed sheets every year?).


One thought on “Correlation Does not Imply Causation

  1. My comment might be slightly off-topic but there’s also no automatic correlation between reward and effort. We’ve all heard people say ‘If you really believe in yourself you will get there, you will succeed’ but the world doesn’t actually work like this

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