Slowdown on Blogging

Recently I’ve been retyping probably 12 of my past blog posts that were on height and p-divisible groups for nLab articles. The original purpose of my blogging was to help myself learn things by explaining them to the internet. The things I was blogging about then were so basic that they existed in many, many forms all over the place, so it didn’t really matter where I was typing them up.

Here’s the state of things right now. My blog doesn’t get much traffic, and gets even less conversation. If my real purpose is to help myself learn things, then I can do exactly what I’m doing on this blog but over at the nLab. The difference is that at the nLab there will be more traffic, so it is a more useful place to publish. There is also the nForum where I can ask questions and get more points of view about the things I’m writing, i.e. more conversation. Ultimately, it seems like that will be much more beneficial for my learning than this isolated blogging activity.

Lastly, I’m probably going to want to import lots of what I blog into the nLab anyway, which is what I’ve been finding myself doing for the past few days. It feels really annoying and wasteful to be redoing all these posts I’ve already done, so I’d just rather start there.

Here is what I plan to use the blog for (math-wise) from now on. If I have interesting examples or computations I’ll probably put them here since that won’t fit as easily into the nLab. If I’m in really, really early stages of learning something I’ll probably start tinkering with the idea here until I can come up with better ways of writing it for the nLab. This means I’ll probably continue the crystalline stuff here since it is just a mess of information right now.

In summary, I’ll still be blogging, but much less frequently.


3 thoughts on “Slowdown on Blogging

  1. Your recent posts on crystalline cohomology have been over my head, but it’s always sad to see a post like this! However, I myself have been finding lately that the notes I write to myself are not very bloggable lately.

  2. I probably shouldn’t have said anything. This blog slows way down (winter quarter I posted nothing) and speeds up at random, so no one would probably even notice. Once I get through a chunk of entries this will probably return to a regular pace since I’ll be alternating rather than this one-sided thing right now.

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