Almost Music List 2009

It is approaching that time again where I re-listen to every album I got this year and rank them. This will be much easier when I’m sitting around twiddling my thumbs at my parent’s house over break. I’ll probably also blog about associated prime decompositions. But until then, I though it would be interesting to see how I feel about the list I made last year.

The old list is here. Well a first glance at the top 10 a few things immediately jump out at me. I’d definitely pull Bon Iver from the number 1 spot and completely remove Son Lux, MGMT, and Extra Life from the top 10. Son Lux is the only of those that I’ve listened to since last December.

My top 5 in some order (possibly not the one I’m going to list) would probably be Land of Talk, NIN, The Dodos, Lightspeed Champion, and The Helio Sequence. I still have to admit that Bon Iver was the most affecting and moving album created last year and still deserves top 10, but it didn’t last the way these other ones did.

I must admit right up front that this year has not been a great music year for me. I’ve been listening to things on my last year’s list and even further back more often than stuff created this year. Lot’s of my favorite artists put out new albums, and they repeatedly disappointed me.

I can without a doubt say that my favorite couple of albums I listen to a lot year are not going to be reviewed because they came out several years ago. One of these artists being Joanna Newsom which I’ve blogged about a few times. I also have standard fallbacks like Interpol and Radiohead that just never get old. There have been a lot of “best of the decade” lists, and all three of these artists would definitely make that list if I were to do one.

I’m very much dreading having to sit through some of these again. But maybe I’ll be surprised now that they’ve had time to sit. I also might as well list the four albums I just never got around to getting that were really high on my list: Zs Music of the Modern White, WHY? Eskimo Snow, Blakroc (self-titled), and The Fiery Furnaces I’m Going Away.

I’ll definitely get them at some point, but I don’t like to just start listening to something and then quickly make a judgment call. More on this later.


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