I have settled on both short term and long(er) term plans for the blog. My immediate future will be a week in which I post no math. I will do my mid-point through the year music ranking soon, I am going to finish Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man in a day or two, so I may talk about that.

For longer plans, I also found Dennett’s Consciousness Explained on clearance at the bookstore for like 4 dollars, and I’ve always wanted to read it. So that is a hefty read that will probably force me to catch up on some philosophy of consciousness, which I plan on doing through here. That is my main non-math project for the summer. Literary-wise, I haven’t decided whether to finish up some of those easier reads that just collect dust on my bookshelf, or to do the one main large work that is sitting there. Either way, that will posted about as well. In fact, the math posting will probably be fairly light during the summer, since my life will be reviewing stuff for prelims rather than learning new stuff. So it will probably just be when I make large revelations about things I probably should have already realized.

Thoughts? For the summer reading, my choices seem to be something along the lines of the large Sot-Weed Factor by Barth, or (after a brief glance at my shelf) it appears The Way the Crow Flies by Ann-Marie MacDonald, Paradise Lost by Milton, Sanctuary by Faulkner, Dune by Herbert, and Jude the Obscure by Hardy.


2 thoughts on “Plans

  1. When are your prelims, and which one(s) are you taking?

    Dune is my all-time favorite SciFi book — a bit of a read, but really great stuff.

    Look forward to posts on consciousness!

  2. My prelims are the beginning of September. I have three: manifolds, complex analysis, and algebra. The manifolds one tends to be heavier on the smooth side and touches lightly on topology and lightly on algebraic topology. The algebra and complex analysis are pretty standard curriculum-wise.

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