Blogging Birthday

April 28…hmmm…why does that day sound familiar? Oh yes, that’s right, it is the one year anniversary of my wordpress blogging! So I guess the cliche thing to do is to post my five favorite posts and my five least favorite posts.

5) I guess I should include Abduction as Logical Inference just because it is one of the most active and read posts of my blog. I’m not as fond of it on this re-reading, though.

4) My favorite sequence of posts has to be when I went through the book Where Mathematics Comes From: How the Embodied Mind Brings Mathematics into Being almost chapter-by-chapter breaking apart and presenting my ideas about this radical way of thinking about math. The first in the series starts here

3) My letter to Sam Harris has to make the list. I think Sam Harris is absolutely fantastic, and almost no one has influenced my thinking as much as him, but I still think I’ve found a slight flaw in his argument. Maybe it can be patched up. Maybe I’m misinterpreting him a little. Either way, I wish he’d let me know. I actually sent a modified version of this letter to him and got no reply.

2) Posting on “Lost in the Funhouse” was probably the best thing I could do for traffic to my blog. Unbeknownst to me, it seems that everyone who reads this book for school is scouring the internet for some help. Anyway. It was a fun post, and now I realize that I promised a second post about it and it never came. Oh well.

1) And the winner is…of course, my series of posts on the meaning behind my blogging name “hilbert theorem 90”. Here is a link to the most general version of the theorem that I posted. The sequence of posts actually starts here. This was one of the other very clearly most active posts.

Worst things I did and must remember to avoid for the next year:

5) Avoid titles that could come up in a search for the opposite thing. My post “When Art is Meaningless” has brought in so many hits for “art is meaningless” that I am actually the top google hit for that search phrase.

4) I should try to avoid posting on things I know nothing about. Er uhm…my 4 post long attempt at noncommutative geometry

3) Random speculation should be kept to a minimum. I’m scared to think about how many people took this post to have some merit (just based on search hits, it has got to be more than just a couple).

2) I have sort of a toss up when it comes to what my worst decision was. So in second place I’m going to put “heat of the moment” posts. The three that immediately come to mind were all posted after really heated debates. On parenting is sort of along the lines of The Ethics of Manners in which I conclude that having good manners is unethical. And the third one being Ethical Voting Habits which I at least think had quite a bit of merit, but probably should have been posted under a cooler head.

1) The winner for worst decision of my first blogging year was what I called SSS, for Strange Sunday Specials. The first one is here. For those that weren’t following at the time, I tried to post a random fact I found on wikipedia using the random page generator that somehow related to a topic in my blog (sub)title. The attempt was to keep me posting at least once a week during a pretty busy point in my year. It sort of worked, but only to the dismay of my readers who had to read dumb randomness.

Well. I hope you enjoyed the year as much as me. It has been great fun so far and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.


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