Amazon controversy

Just in case any of my readers aren’t addicted to the internet, and hence have not come across it yet, there is a big controversy going on about I think it fits the realm of my topics, since it has to do with censorship and literature. I was waiting on this post to see if any new non-hearsay information would be released, but it is taking too long, so….

Amazon has decided to label a whole bunch of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) literature (and I think films as well) as “adult”. Which means they remove the ranking. This may not seem all that important, except the ranking is used in the search function. So now horrifically incorrect things pop up if you search for certain books, and some don’t come up at all.

Now this doesn’t seem like all that bad an idea if you are the type of person that thinks adult material should not pop up when children enter search terms into Amazon, except there is a very clear bias and censorship going on. Very explicit heterosexual material has not been affected as well as some sex toys, yet literature that is either non-fiction about gay people or fiction with subtle gay themes and no sexual scenes at all have been censored out.

Anyway, I don’t care to post on this forever since any quick search will bring up lots of people who know way more about the situation than I, and I need to get back to homework rather than research what is really going on. Just thought I’d keep people up-to-date that don’t have their google reader bombarded with hundreds of items a day.


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