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Spring Break

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I feel I owe a little explanation, since my original plan was to pick something cool like Morse theory and do a series of posts on it for a spring break project. Instead, my spring break became a rather intense experience.

My parents came to visit me, which was in the original plans. We did a few basic touristy things through Tues., then disaster struck. My dad we’ll just say started losing a lot of blood and ended up in the hospital. You should note that this is literally on the other side of the continent from where my parents actually live. So it is not a good place for this type of thing to happen.

He ended up receiving 4 units of blood over a course of 2 transfusions. They were due to leave extremely early on Friday morning. But in order to figure out what caused the bleeding, the doctors needed to do a colonoscopy (scheduled, you guessed it, Thursday afternoon). Thus, they had to extend all their reservations (rental car, hotel, plane tickets, etc) for an unspecified amount of time. They guessed it would be over by this morning, and it was luckily.

So without going into much detail, that is the general story of my spring break (and hence for any of you that read this that wanted me to do things with you over break and I promised I would, that is why I didn’t. I wasn’t just ignoring you). On a more positive note, I’ve made a lot of progress over this break on one of my life-long goals: learning to play the banjo. Really, do instruments get much cooler than the banjo?

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One thought on “Spring Break

  1. Oh god, that’s just awful. I hope everything turned out okay.

    But also…a big YES to the banjo!

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