What Day is It?

Wow. Has it really been seven days since I last posted? I studied and did finals for the first half of the week. Then I went into recovery mode for the rest of the week, and now my parents are visiting me. Anyway. My most recent project is that I’m giving a lecture on David Foster Wallace on Tuesday. I don’t feel like posting the details, since I’ve basically talked about most of it in previous posts.

Here is my tentative outline for the lecture.

Title: DFW: A New Era of Fiction
I. The Literary Landscape
–Talk about Barth’s “The Literature of Exhaustion”

II. Technical Virtuosity
a) Use of endnotes/footnotes:
–Disrupts linearity and how consciousness works
–Novel is an external construct
–Relationship with author = work
b) Philosophical illumination
–Open vs closed systems and use of abbreviations
–Language, Wittgenstein, and Derrida
–Lacan: “In the unconscious is the whole structure of language.”
c) Metaphos, etc.
–“Forever Overhead”
–Fiction within fiction and “Westward”
–Referencing and mocking Barth
–“Interrogating readers” –see “Octet”

III. Eradicating Loneliness
—haven’t figured this part out yet.

I really like how cryptic and hard to follow this post is. There is just no way most people could have a clue what this talk is actually going to be like. Oh well.


2 thoughts on “What Day is It?

  1. I can’t imagine the actual talk, but I get where you’re going with it (I guess I should, though, right?).

    Interested to hear more about the “Eradicating Loneliness” section…

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