Economics Anyone?

Maybe I’ve been reading too much Pynchon, and the paranoia is starting to set in, but is anyone else in conspiracy theory mode right now? I usually laugh off conspiracy theories, because people have to pull in all sorts of random tiny details from all over to try to get their theory to work. In this case, it is just blatantly in our faces.

Think about the timing for this economic crisis to happen. Think about it. If this is not some sort of crazy conspiracy designed for some reason, then it is without a doubt the most amazing coincidence I’ve ever experienced.

What are some reasons someone might design this? I think the most plausible is that the Republicans have basically spent 8 years making themselves look completely incompetent. Now they need to get re-elected somehow. What is a good way to do that? Well, right before the election there should be an economic crisis, then the Republicans draw up this great (i.e. lousy) solution and save the day restoring some hope that they can do something right. Luckily by the time we realize it is was not a solution at all, the election will be long over.

Unforeseen catch: The House doesn’t play along because the proposed solution is crap.

Another less likely possibility is that they somehow need to take the pressure off Palin. Divert the attention of the voter to the fact that this person is probably the most ignorant and unintelligent person in all of American history to be considered for one of the top two positions. This possibility isn’t as likely, since it is such short notice and possibility 1 allows for a good two years of planning this.

Thoughts on the timing? Coincidence or no?


3 thoughts on “Economics Anyone?

  1. I don’t believe in Republican coincidences. I believe in Republican 100 Year Plans.

    What strikes me as odd is that everything is collapsing NOW. It seems like the kind of thing they would have somehow postponed until January if they could have (and honestly? Call me a nutjob, but I think they could have). And since they didn’t…there must be something up.

    If the Dems win the election, the Republicans will still want to have control of…something. So why not engineer wide-scale economic takeovers?

  2. This financial crisis has been brewing for quite a while, actually: Bear Stearns tanked back in March, and there was a (not hugely publicized) bailout of Freddie and Fannie back in July, which were on the verge of collapse, orchestrated by Paulson and Bernanke. IndyMac failed soon after, and the stocks of outfits like WaMu were already in steep decline. I think that things just came to a head in the past few weeks, when it became clear the crisis could no longer be downplayed with pat assurances.

    It’s hard to imagine any of this being spun to the Republicans’ advantage: it’s a major political catastrophe for them. On the other hand I am deeply dismayed by the general media-enhanced panic and fear and rush toward flawed legislation (even though I believe that there are real cancers in our financial institutions which will cost citizens much more than 700 or 800 billion in the long run).

  3. Well, I have to admit that something strange was going on with McCain immediately declaring that he was halting his campaign until there was a resolution. What? That doesn’t even make sense to me. So not playing your commercials on TV will resolved an economic crisis? I don’t even remember seeing anywhere that he did anything at all. I know he flew to Washington, but by the time he got there, a draft was already written up.

    Anyway, I think a recession would be great right about now. I’m thinking of this from a forest fire point of view. Every time we stop a forest fire, the next one is going to be bigger and worse. A large amount of fair trade and capitalism has to do with the public’s confidence in the market. The news is trying to destroy the publics confidence with doomsday articles. If we do nothing, and the market bounces back, there will be a lot more confidence. It seems like $700 billion is an awful lot for a psychotherapy session — for it to only happen again later.

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