This is bad when I only have one post between my SSS’s. Today: What is social interface theory? This is fairly interesting. For all practical purposes it is the study of how humans interact with machines (namely computers). First off, how can we humanize the interface of a computer *insert Ubuntu joke here*? There are blatant ways of doing it such as having a CGI face talk to you. There are lots of subtle ways of doing it. These are the interesting things that lead to the next question.

How does having a more human interface affect how people interact with computers? For instance, are people more or less likely to tell the truth if they feel a human is surveying them? Can the type of human interface sway what people do? This relates back to the first part now. This is essentially a new type of advertising. Now the idea is to sway how people act (consuming products?) without them realizing they are being swayed by using those subtle humanization techniques.

Basically I’ve defined what social interface theory is by bringing up some of the questions that it studies.


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