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Prelim Tomorrow


I was going to post one last thing before my prelim tomorrow, but I have this ridiculously irrational fear that I’ll post something that is fundamentally incorrect, and then tomorrow during the test that exact thing will appear and someone will post a reply correcting it while I’m at the test and I will get back just to learn that I missed that question.

So no real post today. But I thought that bit of how neurotic I am was interesting enough to share.

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I write about math, philosophy, literature, music, science, computer science, gaming or whatever strikes my fancy that day.

3 thoughts on “Prelim Tomorrow

  1. And here I was thinking the Humanities had cornered the market on irrational fears. :)

    Though it’s a little late to say good luck, how did it go?

  2. I can finally bring myself to comment on this. Not too well. We’ll see sometime this coming week when results are posted. I’m not all that hopeful, but I didn’t need to pass this time, anyway. I still have two more chances before I’m in trouble.

  3. Oh, man. Three chances is basically a guarantee that they don’t expect you to pass on the first try. I hope it turned out better than you expected, though.

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