Strange Sunday Specials 1

Keeping with the tradition of some other blogs that have a weekly theme, I’ve decided to start a tradition of my own. It is in honor of my favorite method of procrastination: wikipedia random page. I’ll use the random function until I get to something strange or vaguely related to one of the topics listed at the top of the page.

Title: The Bukken Bruse disaster

Strangeness: One of the few instances when smoking can save your life.

Relatedness: Bertrand Russell was involved.

The story: In 1948 a flying boat attempted to land in Norway. Due to poor weather it crashed and 19 people died 24 survived. All the survivors (including Bertrand Russell) were in the smoking cabin at the back of the plane. It is reported that Bertrand Russell requested a seat there saying that if he could not smoke he would die. He was right.


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