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New and Improved AMFM


Yes. I just abbreviated A Mind for Madness as AMFM. In an attempt to get more organized I’ve changed the theme to a more organizational friendly one. I’ve added some stuff to get more organized and categorized all the old posts.

I looked at many themes and was dissatisfied with some aspect of almost all of them. This was the closest I think to what I was looking for. I was able to compactly get the categories in a drop down as with archives. I like the idea of a search, so I added that. I also like when I see the latest comments on other people’s blogs, since people could be commenting on something from a long time ago, so I added that.

The thing I don’t like is that this seems a little harsher on the eyes. Oh well. I really wanted a three column instead of a two, but there are very few choices for that.

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Author: hilbertthm90

I write about math, philosophy, literature, music, science, computer science, gaming or whatever strikes my fancy that day.

2 thoughts on “New and Improved AMFM

  1. Woah! I was just minding my own business clicking the little bookmark icon, and bam the whole place is different! I definitely think this is an improvement, but you are right that the colors are a little harsher on the eyes, at least on my monitor.

  2. And yes, I stole your idea for an image. (Can you tell I took it of myself. It took some work to try to make it look like I didn’t.)

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