Blogging Habits

I secretly feel like a really horrible blogger. There are so many useful tools that wordpress has given to me, yet I use almost none of them. Some things I notice and like about other blogs that I don’t do:

1) I believe they are called “trackbacks”? I tend to refer to something from thirty posts ago and don’t give anyone any simple access to that material. I’m sure anyone that doesn’t read this relatively often (most people) aren’t too happy about that and don’t even bother to look up what I was referring to.

2) I tag, but I’m very unorganized. My original intent to not creating categories was that I wanted things to be cross discipline. I felt that if I stuck it in categories I would ruin that effect. Now I just think it is poor blogging technique (and this is my 73rd post so I definitely don’t feel like going back and doing it now).

3) I don’t really use any of the widgets or tabs to make navigation easy. It also creates a formidable effect that it is all one thing and you can’t easily read the parts that are of interest.

Now on to just general blogging techniques I’ve looked up:

1) You should use a narrow focus. Lots of blogs in a special area attracts a lot more readers than lots of random stuff all over the place.

2) I don’t use an RSS feed for reading other blogs. Instead I use the time consuming method of just looking to see if anything new has been posted.

3) I don’t send my stuff out through external RSS or pings that aren’t already built into wordpress.

I’m sure there were others that prompted me to write this. Mainly I think it is that the graph that tells me how many people visit each day stopped working for some reason and I’m taking it as a sign that I’m using poor technique. So I’m thinking about making some major changes, but I’m not sure what yet.

I sort of want to narrow the focus, yet at the same time I like having it as an escape from math on certain days. Get thinking about something else. On other days I like to use it to clarify some things for myself that I found interesting in math. So…


3 thoughts on “Blogging Habits

  1. I have done the Philosophy Carnival in the past. It always seems like my posts would be really out of place in the Carnival of Math.

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