New OS

Well, technically I don’t have a new OS, but I did spend today putting a new disrtibution on my computer. I was going to post the next QFT, but I just spent too long trying to get this thing running the way I want it to. I switched from Ubuntu Linux to LinuxMint (the slogan is: From freedom comes elegance).

So far, I’m not overly thrilled. It is lighter weight, so I thought it would run faster, but the visuals are better which seems to make it run slower. There is an especially slow factor in internet. I’m not sure if my wireless connection is causing it, or firefox, or this new distro. I will experiment more tomorrow to try to figure that out.

The nice thing I noticed immediately, though, is that the weird timing issue with the old Ubuntu kernel that made composing using a sequencer impossible is not a problem here. Yay for being able to compose like a normal human, now.

Darn! I was planning on finishing Rabbit, Run by Updike today. I have lots to say about it, so maybe once this QFT stuff is done I’ll do a post on that.


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