On Birthdays

Yay. Finals are over. I spent all of today driving home. Yesterday was my birthday. Anyone who has read to this point in my blog probably will have the same opinion on this topic as me. I feel that time is extremely arbitrary. It is of our own invention. Look at our calendar if you aren’t convinced. My goodness, it is so random that we have to add a day every four years. The amount of time that it takes to go around the sun is such a weird convention. It could just as easily have been anything else.

So now to use that as a springboard. Any “holiday” that occurs yearly, such as birthdays, are arbitrary. Why do we celebrate something on a certain day? I think all days should be treated perfectly equally. No day should be considered more special than another. It just doesn’t make sense. I also feel that this may be a very Western concept anyway. I know Eastern cultures do have yearly events, but I don’t think the origins and emphasis are quite the same. If they are, then it was probably a westernization rather than true intent. Any thoughts are welcome.


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