The 11th Hour

So I’m in the middle of this movie called The 11th Hour and it is quite good. More on that later, I just needed to get this quote down from it.

So many people that have to accept the cost of the transition are totally unaware that it is coming. Most of our citizens wake up in the morning…and worry about the morning commutes and getting the kids to school and paying the mortgage and thinking about a new car or vacation or whatever. And this is just simply too narrow a scale of thinking to address the problems that we have. We need people to be aware of the global forces that affect their lives and that will increasingly affect their lives in the future.

OK. Done. Fairly good movie. Pretty typical as far as pro-environment documentaries go. There was one really nice difference, though. It went through the history of how we became environmental destroyers. It went through the what we are doing and how we are doing it and why it is bad. The emphasis was on culture, though. The main problem is cultural and not anything else. So I think this went a step further than many others.

Also, it was nicely shot. Very aesthetically pleasing. Lots of great nature shots. Lots of powerful destruction shots, etc. Overall, worth watching.


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